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When Dishonourable Men Rule

September 2, 2014


When the CEO of MRT Corp, Azhar Abdul Hamid resigned over a worksite accident which took the lives of 3 workers, he was hailed as a role model.  He did so almost immediately by his own volition citing that he is taking personal responsibility for the accident. In the midst of the scheming, twisting and […]

Redeeming Our Merdeka

August 30, 2014


“At this solemn moment therefore I call upon you all to dedicate yourselves to the service of the new Malaya, to work and strive with hand and brain to create a new nation, inspired by the ideals of justice and liberty – a beacon of light in a disturbed and distracted world.” This was part […]

Learning from Jefferson

July 23, 2013


Recently a friend sent me a link which he thought might interest me and he was right, it did. It was a link to an article entitled “The Bible According to Thomas Jefferson.” The link is supplied at the end of this article. Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers and the third President […]

Courage Rises Up Again and Again

April 7, 2013


Have you ever been confronted by a menacing snarling dog who is ready to pounce on you? And for the briefest of moment, both of you glared into each other’s eyes. In your heart you felt sure the dog will sink his teeth into you and you would be his lunch. But then something arises […]

When Peace and Stability is a Threat

February 13, 2013


Former IGP Musa Hassan’s remark that he is confident that the losing parties will use their supporters to create chaos to topple the government just like what happened in the Middle East and have an Arab Spring here is not just scurrilous and mischievous but is downright fear-mongering. He is not alone, in recent days, […]

It’s About The Money!

September 6, 2012


As Malaysians wait in eager expectation for PM Najib to annouce the date of the 13th General Election, one seen by most as a potentially pivotal general election that would decide the future of this country, the stakes are high and the issues many. As I glance the headlines of newspapers and online media, there […]

Wither English, Wither Nation

June 20, 2012


The title of this article is inspired by a presentation I heard at an English language conference I attended recently.  It was a gathering of educators involved in the teaching of English in schools and people who are committed to raising the standard of spoken and written English in our nation. Coincidentally, another article by […]

Fear of Freedom

May 19, 2012


Written by Thomas Fann. Malaysia is ranked 43rd in the 2011 Legatum Prosperity Index (, an index that measures prosperity not just by money but by overall quality of life as well. To arrive at a particular ranking, Legatum assesses 110 countries, accounting for over 90 percent of the world’s population, and is based on […]

Staying Focused and United

May 7, 2012


AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN BERSIH 3.0 Dear fellow Bersihans, I am writing to urge all of us to stay focused and united. Please do not get sidetracked from the true reasons why we came out on 28/4, and that is, to demand for a reform of our country’s electoral system and […]

Malaysia : A Nation Divided

May 4, 2012


It’s all there for us to see. Images of policemen beating up the protesters, of a police car being attacked and overturned by protesters, of barrages of tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons being fired onto the crowd. What started off as a peaceful protest ended in madness. These are some of the scenes of […]