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What Would It Take To End BN’s Rule Over Malaysia?

January 14, 2017


If Malaysia is likened to a cancer-stricken person, 1MDB would be a Stage 4 cancer, where its impact has spread to all other organs of government, undermining the soundness of the political and economic system of the country. Without immediate and drastic intervention, the prognosis is poor, at best we are unlikely to achieve developed or high income country status by 2020 or at worst, on the slippery road to being a failed state.

The Two By-Elections : It’s Do or Die Time

May 25, 2016


On June 18, 2016, the voters of P.93 Sungai Besar in Selangor and P.67 Kuala Kangsar in Perak will have a chance to elect new Members of Parliament. This was brought about by the tragic death of both the constituencies’ MPs in a helicopter crash in Sarawak while they were on the campaign trail for […]