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Realignment, Opportunism and Desperation

March 7, 2016


The unimaginable has happened. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia, sat down with many of his political adversaries on March 4, 2016 to sign a Citizen’s Declaration to demand the removal of Datuk Seri Najib Razak and to usher in institutional reforms. The 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal and the revelation […]

The Borneo Fixed Deposit

January 16, 2016


At the last General Election, Barisan Nasional (BN) won only 40 percent of the popular votes for Peninsula and 85 of the 165 Federal seats it contested. The Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak secured BN a victory with a haul of 48 of the 57 seats up for grabs (including the Federal Territory of […]

Can We Overcome Money Politics?

January 14, 2016


In my article last week, I looked at the sources of political financing in Malaysia and how the Government of Najib Razak is able to access huge and almost limitless amount of money to win elections. Is it any wonder that Tun Dr Mahathir alledge that Najib told him that cash is king. So, how […]

How To Buy An Election

January 12, 2016


We have heard of the refrain, “Money makes the world go round” and this would be true of winning elections as well. It would be naive to believe that it should cost nothing to win political office and indeed to form a government. But how much money is needed before it becomes excessive, unfair, immoral […]

Gerrymandering, An Insidious Tool To Win Elections

December 28, 2015


There have been many allegations that electoral boundaries in Malaysia are drawn to favour the incumbent and it is probably the single biggest factor that can determine the outcome even before an election is called. Since the last re-delineation in 2003 for the Peninsula and Sabah and 2005 for Sarawak, the country has seen three […]

Don’t Play Play With Our Votes

December 27, 2015


  We are a democracy and the right of every citizen to have a say in the kind of leadership and future for our country is a fundamental right and no one should even think they can deny us this right to vote or mess around with our votes. Yet there are around 4 million […]

Jangan Main-Main Dengan Undi Kita

December 26, 2015


Negara kita adalah negara demokrasi, hak memilih jenis kepimpinan dan masa depan negara adalah hak asasi kita. Tiada sesiapa pun harus berfikir mereka boleh menafikan hak kita untuk mengundi atau memanipulasikan undi kita. Namun begitu, terdapat sekitar 4 juta rakyat Malaysia berumur 21 tahun masih belum berdaftar sebagai pengundi. Manakala setiap tahun sekitar 450,000 warganegara […]

Maybe Pakatan Harapan Should Disband Itself

December 26, 2015


  It is that season of the year again when UMNO is having its annual general assembly and we hear the usual racial rhetorics that is to be expected of a race-based party. But more and more, religion has been roped in to spice up the occasion and indeed the party (pun intended). At this […]

Are We Done As A Democracy?

December 25, 2015


Was the final nail in the coffin of democracy in Malaysia hammered in with the passing of the National Security Council Bill 2015 (NSC) by the Dewan Rakyat on the 3rd of December, 2015? The NSC gives the Prime Minister the power to declare any area in the country a “security area” with a simple […]

Malays WIll Still Vote UMNO in GE14

December 24, 2015


  Let’s face it, most Malay voters voted for Barisan Nasional at the last General Elections. It would be reasonable to say that between 65 percent to 70 percent of Malays voted Barisan Nasional with the percentage in rural districts going as high as 85 percent in some areas while in the urban areas the […]