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Membentukan Identiti Bangsa Malaysia Melalui Reka Bentuk semula Sistem Pilihan Raya

October 27, 2019


Terdapat ada perbincangan tentang apa maksudnya Bangsa Malaysia dan saya ingin menambah ke dalam perbincangan ini dari sudut demokrasi dan bentuk reformasi political dan pilihan raya yang kita perlukan untuk membentuk identity Bangsa Malaysia. Saya harus akui bahawa tidak ada penyelesaian yang mudah dan cepat bagi cabaran ini. Namun saya percaya dengan kefahaman yang baik […]

Forging a Bangsa Malaysia Identity Through Electoral System Redesign

October 27, 2019


There have been some discussions and ideas proposed on what is Bangsa Malaysia and I would like to contribute to this discussion from the angle of democracy and the kind of political and electoral reforms that we need in order to forge a clear Malaysian identity. I will acknowledge that there are no quick and […]

Electoral Reforms One Year On

May 9, 2019


In Promise 17 of their manifesto, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition committed themselves to take firm actions to restore the trust of the people in our elections, acknowledging that there are many concerns about the integrity of our electoral system. Despite several seriously flawed structural issues with our electoral system and the way the previous […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Malaysians Must Vote This GE14

April 27, 2018


If we don’t want a bloody revolution. a. We have a parliamentary democracy where we peacefully elect our reps to trash out issues in Parliament and come out with good laws for all citizens. b. If we don’t bother to elect good reps, others may elect corrupt ones. Then when we suffer we shouldn’t complain. […]

Pakatan manifesto offers hope for real reform

March 16, 2018


From what is pledged in the PH manifesto with regard to institutional reform, I believe that the pact offers hope for real reform, which our country so badly needs.

Gerrymandering, An Insidious Tool To Win Elections

December 28, 2015


There have been many allegations that electoral boundaries in Malaysia are drawn to favour the incumbent and it is probably the single biggest factor that can determine the outcome even before an election is called. Since the last re-delineation in 2003 for the Peninsula and Sabah and 2005 for Sarawak, the country has seen three […]

Don’t Play Play With Our Votes

December 27, 2015


  We are a democracy and the right of every citizen to have a say in the kind of leadership and future for our country is a fundamental right and no one should even think they can deny us this right to vote or mess around with our votes. Yet there are around 4 million […]

Jangan Main-Main Dengan Undi Kita

December 26, 2015


Negara kita adalah negara demokrasi, hak memilih jenis kepimpinan dan masa depan negara adalah hak asasi kita. Tiada sesiapa pun harus berfikir mereka boleh menafikan hak kita untuk mengundi atau memanipulasikan undi kita. Namun begitu, terdapat sekitar 4 juta rakyat Malaysia berumur 21 tahun masih belum berdaftar sebagai pengundi. Manakala setiap tahun sekitar 450,000 warganegara […]

Why Is The Government So Afraid Of Bersih?

August 26, 2015


As we count the days to Bersih 4, the 4th installment of mega rallies organised by the Coalition for Free & Fair Elections (or more commonly called Bersih 2.0 or just Bersih), we are seeing the same stance and gameplan by the authorities. Ridicule it as lacking support, label it as an opposition tool, accuse […]

The Upcoming Re-Delineation Exercise : It’s Do or Die

May 13, 2014


The Election Commission (EC) will be conducting its 6th re-delineation of electoral boundaries very soon and there can be little dispute that this would be the mother-of-all re-delineation exercise in Malaysia. The survival of the ruling coalition depends on it and whether the Opposition will finally become the government of the day will depend very […]