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Racial And Social Polarisation Through Schools (Extended Version)

September 28, 2015


I still remember vividly a story told to me by a state assemblyperson of an encounter she had when she was campaigning during the last General Election. She was doing a walkabout and came up to a Muslim religious school’s gate and a young student of around 7 years of age gave her a knowing […]


May 10, 2015


大马人究竟做错了什么?  范平东 前净选盟主席那督安美嘉最近在《东盟人民论坛》上问了一个很重要的问题,那就是——大马人究竟做错了什么? 我么究竟犯了何等滔天大罪而受到当今国阵政府如此的对待。而我本人也常常对这一问题常思不解。 一般的大马人还算得上是爱国,不论是缴税, 或是搞社会公益,大家都额外的认真。我国社会也可算是基本上和平共处。一等良民可能还算不上,但起码也算得上是一般良民。反观当今的政府,施政不利不说,贪污腐败,兴文字狱,十八般暴政,样样精通。