Top 5 Reasons Why Malaysians Must Vote This GE14

Posted on April 27, 2018



  1. If we don’t want a bloody revolution.

    a. We have a parliamentary democracy where we peacefully elect our reps to trash out issues in Parliament and come out with good laws for all citizens.
    b. If we don’t bother to elect good reps, others may elect corrupt ones. Then when we suffer we shouldn’t complain.
    c. When more and more people suffer due to a bad and corrupt government that they can no longer change through the ballot box, they will take to the streets and blood will be shed.

  2. If we don’t want to see our grand-daughters as foreign maids.

    a. This happens when a country’s economy depends on low wages and labour-intensive industries to sustain itself. We import cheap foreign labour and suppresses wages for our own workers. With rising cost of living, our own citizens have to find higher paying jobs in Singapore and other foreign countries. If this carries on, our women will work as maids overseas and be abused the way we are abusing those coming from Indonesia, Philippines, etc now.
    b. The reason we cannot support high-yield, high-tech and high-value industries is we did not invest in education to empower our citizens but instead we take pride in handing our BR1M.
    c. Our nation has been managed by only one government from day one and the blame for this gross mismanagement of our economy and future lays squarely at their feet.

    3. If we don’t want to hate and be hated by other Malaysians.

    a. When we hold a meeting today, we may have to speak in 3 languages. After six decades as a nation, instead of becoming “One People, One Nation”, we have become “Five People, Whose Nation?”. Because we don’t understand each other, we suspect each other.
    b. Instead of living a life submitted to God, we use God to make others submit to us and making people fear Him when they should be loving Him.
    c. Out of fear and suspicion, we build walls to protect our own communities instead of building bridges. Politicians and politics have polarized us and made us hate each other. Time to wake up, unite regardless of our race and religion to reject those that makes us hate each other.

    4. If we don’t want to tell foreigners that M’sia is near S’pore.

    a. From a rising Asian tiger we are now the laughing stock of the world. Africa used to be the champion for corrupt government officials but because of 1MDB, Africans make jokes of our MO1. We have become world-famous for the wrong reasons.
    b. In most countries, a million in the PM’s account is enough to at least force a resignation if not harakiri but RM2.6 billion in our PM’s personal account can be called a “donation” and be be brushed aside.
    c. While our PM continues to shake hands and smile while overseas, we ordinary citizens blushed in shame when asked where we are from, meekly we say we are the country next to Singapore.

    5. If we don’t want to be treated like Kings only once every 5 years.

    a. Why should politicians and Ministers kiss our babies and treat us like kings only once every 5 years during elections when in a democracy the people should be king daily and our elected reps, our servants?
    b. Public institutions that are supposed to protect us and ensure justice have been hijacked by these corrupt officials to carry out their oppression so that that they can get rich and stay in power forever.
    c. What we need is not just a new government but one that can restore public institutions like the PDRM, SPR, MACC, AGC, Bank Negara, Judiciary and our Parliament. Without a restoration of the independence of our public institutions, we will always be the victims of politicians and power will not be in the hands of the Rakyat.

    We have a choice on the 9th of May.  We can choose one of the coalitions who can form the next Government, or we can choose not to vote. We can choose to give our votes to the same coalition who have brought us to where we are as a people – less united, less educated, less wealthy but more ashamed.

    Or we can choose to give our votes to a coalition in whose manifesto have committed itself to far-reaching institutional reforms. I choose to vote, I choose to vote for change and restore power to us, the Rakyat.

    Because if we can change a regime that is using all its power to gerrymander the electoral boundaries to its favour and uses all its resources to buy the election, then we know that power has truly returned to the people, “Raja itu Rakyat, Rakyat itu Raja” (The King is the Rakyat, the Rakyat is the King).