Would You Kiss The Hand of The One Who Robbed You?

Posted on May 4, 2016




Yesterday I received two separate tip-off. One from a villager I met in the N.02 Tasik Biru constituency and another anonymously.

Various people we have met told us that the usual mode of operation of BN is give out cash a few days before polling day or even on the eve of it. This would take place more in rural areas.

On top of such cash handouts to individuals and households, there are also the promised developments, grants and improvement for facilities.

It is understandable that most of those who received the money and aid knew who gave it and would feel obligated to give their vote to the giver or the one making the promise.

But would you or should you be grateful to someone who has been robbing you and withholding what is entitled to you for decades?

If a robber came to your house and robbed you of RM26,000 last year but this year he wants a favour and gave you RM50, would you be grateful and kiss his hand? You would take the RM50 and call the police on him!

Sarawakian voters, what should you do if you are given money to vote for a certain party or promised development? There are two options.

1) Keep the money, it is yours after all. It definitely doesn’t belong to the politician or his party as they should not have such money in the first place.

2) Donate it away to the needy, the opposing party or even to your church or mosque. Do a good deed with the money.

Vote according to your conscience for the candidate or whose party is clean, honest and who would speak up for you.

Know that the one who is giving you money is the robber, a law-breaker and abused his power when he promised you development that is entitled to you anyway and that they have failed to deliver to you the last 50 years.

Your vote is secret. Your vote is precious. Don’t waste it. It should not be for sale. To sell it is to sell your dignity and to betray your children and their future.

You owe nothing to the robber but you owe it to yourself, your family and your nation to cast your vote wisely. Don’t kiss the hand of the robber.


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