Sarawak For Sarawakians, Really?

Posted on May 4, 2016



Apart from the banners of contesting candidates and parties in the 11th Sarawak state election, I also came across some banners from the Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) pro-sovereignty movement.

Rather than a cohesive and organized movement, S4S is perhaps more a popular sentiment among many Sarawakians.

It is the feeling that Sarawak has been short-changed by the West Malaysian ever since it joined the Federation of Malaysia with Sabah and Singapore back in 1963.

It is a fact that 53 years after joining, Sarawak and Sabah remains two of the poorest states in the Federation, though blessed with abundant natural resources over its vast territories.

Why is that so? Have the West Malaysians colonized, mismanaged, plundered and raped the riches of the two East Malaysian states?

Yes, indeed they have. The West Malaysians through the Federal Government in Putrajaya have extracted the wealth of the two Borneo States and treated them like poor cousins.

But they never directly ruled Sarawak or Sabah. These two states have always had local leaders. Putrajaya ruled through their proxies and stooge. Together they have made each other very rich at the expense of the people.

Sarawak has always been ruled by Sarawakians and by the Barisan Nasional government through PBB, SUPP, SNAP, SPDP, PRS, etc.

The Barisan Nasional and their Sarawakian proxies are responsible for the condition Sarawak is in. But now the culprits want to play the hero.

They have cleverly hijacked the discontent of Sarawakians towards the West Malaysian and now act like they are the “saviour”.

Adenan has been a key member of PBB for the last 40 years and has obediently served his Putrajaya master all this time. Can he now be the saviour?

He says he banned West Malaysian opposition politicians and activists because he wants to protect Sarawakians from “unsavoury” people. He embraces Najib because he wants to get autonomy and allocations for Sarawakians, so he says.

The truth is the same partnership that has plundered Sarawak is still working together to stay in power and to extend each other’s rule. Together with their business tycoons buddies, they will continue to milk Sarawak to the last drop before they are eventually kicked out.

Yes, Sarawakians, it’s time to remove all these proxies and stooge of BN and vote in true Sarawakians who places the interest of the people above all else.


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