There Is Reason For Optimism

Posted on April 26, 2013


Reason for optimismA survey done by Universiti Malaya’s Democratic and Election Centre (Umcedel) has more or less confirmed the sensing of many who are working on the ground for change.

Umcedel director Prof Mohd Redzuan Othman said that both coalitions have more than 40 percent support and the difference between the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat in its survey conducted between April 4, the day Parliament was dissolved, till 20th April, was just five percent but he refuses to say which coalition is leading.

It is my belief that the coalition that is leading by 5 percent is PR, a fact that the Prof didn’t want to reveal.  In the links below, you can read the rest of the news report and the other one where the same survey found most respondents thinks Anwar is better qualified to be the next Prime Minister.

Survey: BN, Pakatan in ‘neck and neck race’ to May 5

43pct back Anwar as PM, 39pct for Najib

The votes this time would not just come from the Chinese but also from the Malay, including government servants, police and armed forces.  They have seen enough, heard enough and even assisted enough in the abuses. Corruption and injustices is degrading to a person who yearns to do what is right but ordered to do wrong.  They want their professionalism and dignity back.

The last tsunami has nothing to do with the opposition but has to do with the fact that people just had enough of BN. This time it is even more so, plus the fact that they have a choice.  Better candidates and clearer policies from Pakatan has given real hope to Malaysians that we can redeem this country from years of corruption and abuses.

Nothing should be taken for granted, of course.  Those of us who work for change must not let up in doing everything possible to restore power to the people. Yes, it is to the people and not to PR.  Our ability to remove BN will be testament of our ability to remove any government after this if they do not perform.

It is an opportunity we must not miss for if BN is returned to power, it would be reasonable to assume that they would do everything they can to stay in power.  Our democratic rights may be severely challenged.

Further, our country will be further plundered. The latest figures from Global Financial Integrity, an international watchdog of illicit capital outflow, has listed Malaysia as No.2 with USD64.4 billion flowing out in 2010 alone. [Read more here]  That is more than 2/3 our national budget in unaccounted money, mostly corrupt money, lost.  Give BN 5 more years and our children will have to pay the price of a failed state. This is not fear-mongering but a realistic scenario based on the trajectory of illicit capital outflow since Najib took over.

But we can change all that in the coming general election.  We can reverse the downward spiral, starting afresh to build a more equitable nation – socially and economically.

It is not just possible on May the 5th, but it is likely.

God bless Malaysia.